Online Claiming Paperwork

To connect your business/organisation with Medicare Australia for Online Claiming, a few Medicare forms need to be completed.

Step 1: Print each form out

  1. Hospital/Day Procedures Centre (DPC) registration for In Hosptal Claiming (IHC)
  2. Acceptable Referee Identification Form
  3. Online Claiming Practice Details Form
  4. Online Claiming Banking Form
  5. Copy and paste letter on company letterhead: Duly Authorised Letter of Authority Template

Step 2: Receive your unique Minor ID/Location ID

Your Minor ID/Location ID is issued to you by ACSS and is required to complete your Online Claiming Paperwork. You will receive you Minor ID/Location ID in an email, if you do not have a Minor ID/Location ID for some reason, please contact our Admin Team.

Step 3: Follow these instructions when completing the above forms

  • Hospital/Day Procedures Centre (DPC) registration for In Hosptal Claiming (IHC)
    The Duly Authorised Officer (DAO) is the contact person for this Medicare Online Application.
    The DAO can be the business owner, manager or an individual health provider (with a provider number) eg. Doctor

    If the DAO is not a health provider with a provider number (i.e. doesn't have a provider number issued under their name), the DAO will need to provide 100 points of certified ID which must be 2 of the following:
Part A Documents Birth Certificate 70 points
Citizenship Certificate 70 points
Current Passport 70 points
Expired Passport (not expired for longer than two years) 70 points
Other documentation having same characteristics of passport 70 points
Part B Documents Current Australian Drivers licence 40 points
Document provided by current employer on company letter head, dated within 3 months 35 points
Identification Card issued to a Commonwealth Government employee, contractor or other Personnel 40 points
If self-employed, relevant documentation from Registered Tax Agent/ Accountant 35 points
Land Titles Office Records 25 points
Rating Authority 25 points
Credit Card Tax Invoice 25 points
Council Rates Notice 25 points

If the DAO can't provide 2 of the above stated forms of ID, the DAO must provide a Statutory Declaration explaining why the DAO is unable to provide the 100 points ID.

All photocopies must be certified by an Acceptable Referee outlined in the Acceptable Referee Identification Form and must be the same person certifying all the other documents.

You also need to supply a Letter of Authority on Company Letterhead stating that the nominated DAO can complete the paperwork on behalf of the Director/Owner of the Company. The letter must be certified by the Director/Owner and the nominated Duly Authorised officer. A template can be downloaded here.

  • Acceptable Referee Identification Form
    Aswell as completing the Acceptable Referee Identification Form please attach ONE of the following:
    • Certified Copy of Company Documents as follows:
      • Certificate of Registration of a company issued by the ‘Australia Securities and Investments Commission’
      • Strata Certificate of registration
      • Sale of purchase of a business notice
      • Liquidation Notice
      • A Bank statement in the Business Name that is less than one year old and MUST have the ABN or ACN number on it. Note: Can black out all transaction amounts
      • Lease agreement of a business property
      • Rates notice of a business property
      • Certificate of a change of name issued by the ‘Australia Securities and Investments Commission’
      • A document issued by the Australian Taxation Office bearing the company name and Tax File Number
      • Trust: Certified copy of the First and the Last Pages of the Trust Deed.

If you need to get multiple people to certify your documents, an Acceptable Referee Identification Form must be completed for each certifier.

  • Online Claiming Practice Details Form
    This must be completed by the contact person for future Online Claiming enquiries. 
  • Online Claiming Banking Form
    For Number 14 "Payee provider details" on the form, enter your Facility Provider Details. Underneath, the signature, write the Name, and Title of the person signing on behalf of the facility.

Step 4: Lodging your Medicare Online Application

Send your Medicare Online Paperwork to ACSS by one of the following methods:

Fax 02 9632 0096


When ACSS has received your Online Claiming Paperwork, we will forward it to Medicare on your behalf.

Step 5: Advise ACSS that you have lodged your Medicare Online Application

When you have lodged your Online Claiming Application to ACSS, please contact Camille on 02 9632 0026 and ACSS will follow up your Application with Medicare and keep you updated.

Need Further Assistance with your Online Claiming Application?

Please do not hesitate to contact Camille on 02 9632 0026 or Medicare on 1800 700 199, press 1.