Patient Appointment Reminders

If you reduce "no shows" you can maximise your practice revenue and improve patient care. But sending reminders via post or phone can be very time consuming. Not to mention expensive.

However, research has shown SMS (mobile phone text message) reminders are just as effective as postal or phone reminders. But they cost much less and are more convenient to send.
Using the latest technology, SMS reminders can be sent in batches from your computer directly to your patients' mobile phones. This means you can send a reminder to every patient who has an appointment tomorrow with just a few mouse clicks.
We now offer all eClaims® users an SMS reminder option. It's a subscription service so you only pay for each SMS reminder sent.

Here are five great reasons why you should use SMS with eClaims®:

1.    Less "no shows"

By reducing "no shows" your practice revenue is maximised and patient care is improved.

2.    Greater efficiency

Unlike postal or phone reminders SMS allows large batches of reminders to be sent simultaneously. This minimises time spent sending reminders, freeing staff to focus on more important tasks.

3.    Reduce costs

When you send reminders via SMS you save money on postage and stationery, and minimise administration time spent on sending reminders. On-going costs are low because you're only charged for each reminder sent.

4.    Customisable templates

Each doctor in your practice can have their own customised reminder template.

5.    Creates patient goodwill

Your patients will appreciate a timely courtesy appointment reminder sent via SMS.


For more information

If you'd like to find out more about SMS call 1300 788 005 to talk to one of our consultants.