eClaims® Specialist

Practice Management Software for Specialists

When you're managing a very busy specialist practice, choosing the right practice management software is vital.

eClaims® Specialist is easy to use, yet has all the features you need to run your practice more efficiently and more profitably. It streamlines workflow from the appointment book through to invoicing. Fast and accurate online Medicare billing improves cash flow and enhances patient service.

"The product support has been superb and I can recommend this to any specialist practice wishing to upgrade its software to a contemporary product."
Professor Ian Wilcox, Central Sydney Cardiology,
Newtown, NSW

Here are seven reasons why eClaims® Specialist is the best choice for streamlining your day-to-day operations:

1.    Improves cash flow

If you do Medicare and DVA claims manually you could be waiting for up to 4 weeks to receive payment. But using eClaims®' Medicare online claims feature you can get claims paid in only 2-3 working days... without sending any paperwork.

2.    Streamlines workflow

Imagine how much more efficient your practice could be with streamlined patient processing, appointments and billing; fast and accurate online Medicare claims; and up-to-the-minute business and financial reports at your fingertips. That's what eClaims® offers.

3.    Better patient care

eClaims® helps you enhance patient service through quicker processing and rapid reimbursement of Medicare claims. With less time spent on administration you have more time for patient care.

4.    Reduce costs

eClaims® can help your practice save money by reducing stationery and postage costs, time spent on administration, and storage space for paper files.

5.    Fully featured yet easy to use

eClaims® has all the features you need to run your practice more smoothly and profitably. But it's also very user-friendly. New staff can learn to operate it with ease, even if they've had little computer experience.

6.    Responsive local technical support help desk

Although eClaims® is easy to learn and very reliable, we know sometimes you need a little help. That's why we provide a 24/7 help desk staffed by our local support team. If you've got questions, we've got answers. Pronto.

Why Choose ACSS

7.    100% satisfaction guarantee

We're so confident that eClaims® will improve your cash flow, make your practice more efficient, and be easy to use, we offer a 30-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Here's a summary of eClaims® Specialist's state-of-the-art features:

Quick and easy billing

  • Medicare Online Billing for:
    • Bulk billing (Medicare)
    • Veterans (DVA Paperless)
    • Immunisation (ACIR)
    • Patient claims (Real Time or Store and Forward modes)
  • Online health fund billing - ECLIPSE (Electronic Claims Lodgement Processing Service Environment) for paperless Medicare and health fund claims
  • User-friendly Batch Handler
    • Prepare batches in as little as two steps
    • Reconcile batches in one step
    • Easily adjust, amend and resubmit rejected claims
  • Comprehensive Worker’s Comp and Third Party billing
    •  Send invoices directly to employers, insurance companies and solicitors
  • Makes complicated specialist billing easy with up to 16 customisable fee levels
  • Quote system for Informed Financial Consent
  • Custom invoice message

Appointments & waiting room

  • Colour coded appointments
  • Doctor specific configuration
  • Create ad-hoc days
  • Easily find next available appointments
  • Add walk-ins
  • Find patients' appointments
  • Easily check if a patient hasn't been billed
  • Create notes for appointments
  • Produce A4 or A5 size invoices. Print duplicate invoices.
  • Keep track of past and future appointments
  • Print daily schedule of appointments
  • DocBook Integration. DocBook is a FREE service that allows patients to find a Doctor and make appointments online. DocBook makes the appointment in real time with your Doctor and can even send you a confirmation via SMS or e-mail.

Online patient verification

  • Check patients' Medicare Card and Veteran's Affairs eligibility with two mouse clicks

Comprehensive reporting

  • Comprehensive financial reports include:
    •  Accounting summary
    • Day sheet (detailed daily transactions report)
    • Cash receipts
    • Revenue reports
    • Aged receivables
  • Treatment reports
  • Patient reports
  • Scheduler profile
  • MBS activity reports
  • Complete listing of MBS Codes with rulings
  • Referral reports show you top referring doctors
  • Referral mail out enables you to do a mass mail out to all referring doctors

Digital Dictation/Transcription

  • Integration with Philips LFH5274 Speechmike Pro
  • Integration with Phillips LFH7277 Speechexec Pro
  • Integration with Phillips LFH3200 Speechmike Pro
  • Integration with MedSpeech Voice Recognition
  • Integration with SpeechMagic Voice Recognition
    • For more information about SpeechMagic please contact OpenDL

Correspondence made easy

  • Built-in word processor
  • Automatically create letters to patients and referring doctors
  • Letters are attached to patients' files for future reference
  • Referring doctor details
  • Create customised templates and macros

Seamless integration with your clinical software system

  • eClaims® interfaces with the following clinical packages:
    • Medical Director
    • Best Practice


  • Multi-level security
  • Quick and easy backup

Support and training

  • Optional installation and training
  • Telephone help desk during business hours with local support staff
  • After hours emergency phone support
  • Onsite support during business hours (Sydney metropolitan area only)
  • Remote online assistance for speedy issue resolution
  • Automatic software and Medicare fees updates
  • Free monthly training workshops

100% satisfaction guarantee

  • If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with eClaims®, return the software within 30 days for a full refund – no questions asked.

Request an Information Kit or demonstration

If you'd like to see eClaims® Specialist in action contact us for an Information Kit that includes a demonstration version that you can install on your computer. Or, call us on 1300 788 005 to arrange a consultant to give you a demonstration at your convenience.