Training Workshops

ACSS provide eClaims® training workshops for all its eClaims® clients in Sydney. These workshops run every 4-5 weeks and are conducted in our head office at Unit 35/46-50 Wellington Road, South Granville NSW 2142.

The workshops begin at 7:00pm and usually end at 8:00pm with the exception of the Intermediate to Advanced Workshop which runs for 2 hours from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. They are usually held on Wednesdays or Tuesdays depending on the availability of Hugo and Michael. There are a limited number of people we can accommodate in the office so we only allow upto 3 persons per practice. The maximum amount of people we can fit in the office is 20-22.

The invitations are sent via fax and we give priority to those who call to RSVP first.

ACSS hold three different training workshops depending on the level of experience/knowledge the practice has with eClaims®. The training workshops are as follows:

eClaims® Basic to Intermediate Course:

This workshop is aimed at newly installed sites and new employees new to eClaims®.

  • Scheduler
  • Billing
  • Batching

eClaims® Intermediate to Advanced Course:

This workshop is aimed at Practice Managers.

  • Workers Compensation
  • Scheduler Configuration
  • End of Month
  • Patient Management
  • Setting up Security
  • General Reports (including Accounting Reports)

eClaims® Specialist Course:

ACSS has redesigned its traditional "ECLIPSE Course" to "eClaims® Specialist Course". The new course covers new content as well as the ECLIPSE material previously covered. Learn how to submit electronic invoices to Health funds, use a central list to organise which patients need reports typed and then deliver those reports electronically back to the referring doctor.

  • What is ECLIPSE and How Does it Work?
  • ECLIPSE Billing
  • ECLIPSE Batching
  • ECLIPSE Payments
  • ECLIPSE Error Codes
  • Reports Centre (Dictation, Typing and Electronic Delivery of Patient Reports)

These training workshops are run at alternate sessions for example, if there was a Basic to Intermediate workshop held recently, the next workshop that will be held in 4-5 weeks is the Intermediate to Advanced then 4-5 weeks thereafter, the Specialist training workshop will be held etc. This means that there will not be another Basic to Intermediate workshop for the next 3-4 months unless otherwise changed by ACSS Staff.